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porting from Vodafone

Been waiting for over a week to port my number from Vodafone. Spoken to many operators and Telstra has now sent me two sim cards! How long will this take?


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Re: porting from Vodafone

The porting process will be instigated by Telstra and unfortunately they are performing below par at present for many reasons, but a week to get it done seems a bit too long...   If you have a reference number for  the request to move from Voda to Telstra, or any other references (always ask for one)..  use those during any communication with Telstra about the matter as it keeps pushing them to look at the original order and subsequent interactions...  if you get no success or help through My Telstra app | Get Help | Chat (blue icon).. type in 'Speak to a human' to get into a message que for someone to respond to you..  you can also convert the chat to a complaint..  or just start a complaint at

over the last couple of weeks I have had responses from the assigned complaint manager in 1 or 2 days (quicker than Customer Support can do apparently) with positive outcomes..

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