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Relocating to a temporary location



I am currently moving from Victoria to New South Wales. I am a telstra customer with a mobile/internet plan on NBN.


I am moving to temporary location for a few weeks (not months) but in these times I really need to be able to work and need access to the internet. The location I am temporarily moving to has a phone line but does not have internet connected (it is on the NBN though). The account at that location is not mine but my fathers. Is it possible that I can connect my internet account service to that location without changing the phone line so I can have internet access?


Just some other information:

1. I have my wifi modem with me.

2. The location has NBN connected.

3. There is no internet access there.

4. There is a connected phone line.

5. The service is not mine but my fathers.

6. It is only for a short period.


Any help would be really appreciated.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Relocating to a temporary location

Being such a short period, it wouldn't be practical to get connected. Also, you can only have a single NBN connection, so if you moved yours there, it would cancel your father's service.


You may just be able to work off of the mobile backup of the modem during your move period.

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