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service outages

Hi- Please forward this to someone in Australia who can at least ring me and also follow through with a promise



Please note- this is my experience so far during the past 5 days


I have had considerable access problems during the past 5 days due to Telstra service management issues. 

I moved homes on the 25/02 FROM MEREWETHER HEIGHTS to Medowie and had pre arranged 3 weeks prior to the move for Telstra to give a TOTAL MOVE i.e. all services connected for $399.00. I did this thinking that I would need to be on line quickly without any difficulties. However, unbenowns to me, the area I have moved to has had major problems in the past week- Medowie-  continues to have major interruptions. 

Case ID Comp SRI-726080156982 ; 

Case MOV-313282; 

ref 159355150

I finally have secured a dongle after having been off air for everything- phone, email, mobile, broadband adsl, Foxtel, Free to Air TV since 25/02. 

Telstra advises all will be OK 3/3/2016.

The Dongle is now working- it has taken 2 days to get on to the network even with this.

As I have been give at least 6 restoration times / dates in the past 5 days,  I don't believe this will actually happen on or by the 3rd March. 

I have had no Free to Air TV,ADSL, Internet, Mobile service (restored 2 days ago) , Foxtel. Some may think this may be a blessing- to be tech switch off!! However, my job depends on this access and right now it is in jeopardy as I agreed to be online at least every 24 hours if not more.

That's why I bought a Dongle USB. Telstra initially informed me that I would have to pay for and recharge the Dongle after 3GIG use- now they have given me 16 GIG after I lost all again this morning at 3am.

********I have been a customer of Telstra for 40 years- Telco, Telecom, TelPacific now Telstra. I am also a past employee of Telstra.

*****I am also currently enrolled in online course through Curtin and New England Unis- all of which started last week. Expectations were that I complete units of work starting from 25/02. I have only just gotten online.

********I also teach, through a few Australian Unis- Swinburne Online, The University of Newcastle, Souther Cross and Charles Darwin Unis. I teach trainee teachers across Australia & NZ ,  so I am pretty stressed about all this right now. I usually go through at least 20 GIG ever 5 days so you might understand my angst with the situation at the present moment.

Attached is a reply from Telecommunications Ombudsman which I submitted in response to my current difficulties. 


I have spoken to 26 different frontineTelstra consultants during the past 5 days, 4 Complaints frontline consultants and 7 different substitute / relieving case managers, as well as 6 different original "Case Managers” who apparently have total access and exclusive comms as others (T front line consultants and relieving Case Manager)  are discouraged from giving any further information. 

I have their names, 'D' numbers and times if you'd like evidence of this farce. 

As a previous employee of Telstra, I also know that anyone ringing up for a reschedule goes to the bottom of the queue- that's how Siebel and the other scheduling systems work. The restoration time of 3/2 will also be the 8th restoration time / date given in the past 5 days. Even at 3.00am this morning- after speaking with Technical Support- and fiddling around with the USB Dongle yet again- the tech, Bruce assured me that they would ring back in an hour to check the service- I’m still waiting. 

One “Telstra Complaints Manager- Alma assured me that she’d give me an email stating that Telstra was at fault so i could apply for support from my work and the Unis I am doing course with.. It hasn’t appeared and I now have a new Manager….Kerry

Not one has been able to give me a satisfactory answer as to my problem until yesterday when I was told that there was 'battery' on the line and all restored by 3/03. As a previous Telstra employee this was like a wet fish slap in the face. 

'Battery' resolutions usually takes about 30 minutes to rectify. It is actually, once detected- one of the 'easiest' faults to fix.


Sue Purvis

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: service outages

Hi Sue,

If you have a case manager assigned they are the best person to speak with to follow this up further. I have sent your case manager an email asking them to contact you 

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