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T-Hub 2 - How to connect on Velocity network

I have moved to a Smart Community with velocity fibre network. I have received a Technicolor Gateway router and a Thub 2 phone tablet and hand set.

I am having problems wth the internet failing (drop out) just about every day. When I seek help from support each helper tells me my set up is wrong and I should do it different. I make the changes and it works for awhile then I get dropouts again and again I am told it is set up wrong. The latest has told me the house is wired wrong and as he can prove the internet works at the telstra box outside it is my problem. I got the router and the THub2 from Telstra so I think they should also support the equipment.

Does anyone have a known working configuration for the setup of the technicolor router + thub 2 + one standard phone all via a patch panel with the telstra box feedin. The patch panel has incoming points for NET + 4 telephone lines (all same number) and outgoing points to office (2 data points) , TV room (1 data 1 TV) , kitchen (1 data) & study (1 data)


The instruction book says telephone is plugged into router, some Telstra help say not to do this others say yes.


If anyone thinks they can help I can provide a detailed layout of patch panel and what items I need where.

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Re: T-Hub 2 - How to connect on Velocity network

Hi Golly,
I haven't been able to locate a diagram that would make this easier to explain, and this is because the internal data cabling for smart wired homes can differ widely and depends entirely on the cabler who did the installation. I will try my best to provide some general information on how to connect the modem, but it may be worthwhile to organise a private technician to attend and assist if you become stuck. 
Basic configuration
On the patch panel there is only one data port that can be connected to the WAN port on the modem. To identify the correct one, you will need to try each port until the WAN light on the modem turns green. 
The remaining data points on the patch panel need to be connected into the yellow LAN ports on the modem. This will then provide LAN access to the data ports throughout your home. 
Alternate configuration
As you have two data points in the Office, you have the opportunity to locate the modem there as the second outlet is a return into the patch panel to then distribute through to the remaining points in the premises. 
You would connect an ethernet cable from the main incoming port and connect it into the patch panel for the room linked to your Office. This might take a little trial and error depending on if they are labelled well or not.
You would then connect an ethernet cable from one of the yellow ports on the modem, into the second data outlet which will feed the connection back into the patch panel, so that it can then be wired to the data ports in the other rooms.
WiFi coverage within the home
The primary consideration is location. To have the best WiFi coverage, it is important to have the modem located in a central location. This would be the main motivation for using the alternate configuration described above. 
It is also possible to connect a WiFi router to a data point in a central location and disable the WiFi on the TG797 but using the Eco button. The ECO light on the modem will turn blue when the WiFi is disabled.
T-Hub connection
Velocity services need to connect the T-Hub to a telephone socket rather than the TG797 as this feature is not currently available to Velocity customers.
For the disconnections that you are experiencing, I have a few questions:
- Are the disconnections only when connected on Wifi devices or do you still experience disconnections when connected via a LAN cable?
- When the modem was replaced, did you also swap out the power pack?

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