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I know you are all sensitive creatures but can you answer me something especially as i think its relevant to moving house. 


I am moving house tomorrow, well im buying and moving in over the weekend. 


I sorted out my move with telstra for phone, internet and foxtel so i am giving them a small fortune per month. 


When i did the order it took forever and made sure everything was ok and as importantly that the addresses were correct, i informed the nice lady that the previous owners have optus internet that i know of but that i wanted to stay with telstra as "better the devil you know" i suppose. 


Nothing is a problem Mr B they told me all will be done, guy is coming out on fri to connect phone and internet and on monday to do your foxtel. 


this is perfect for me because i work from home for a company in the UK remotely and am due back next tuesday. 


All well and good eh. 


Received a call just, telling me that because i am moving i need to send them a copy of the sales agreement or a stat dec from a police station etc. apparently this is because the previous owners have another company and it would need to be cut off before they can reconnect to telstra. 


Remember i told them explicitly that the current owners have optus cable internet and so prob a fone line with them too. And not one of the 3-4 ppl i spoke to mentioned i might need to do this sending of forms etc (or going to a shop to do this) before they can do anything. 


The guy on the fone says it will then take 24-48 just to connect the line, god knows how long after that i will have to wait to have the internet and then foxtel put in. 


As i said, i know  you mods are a precious bunch, but this kind of horrifc service could be costing ppl work and their jobs in my situation. I am now going to have to try and book next week off work so i dont have to miss any time through the incompetence of the sales ppl. 


And please, dont anyone tell me they shouldnt have to ask these things or i shouldnt have had to be told.. If they even rang me 1st thing monday or late last week this wouldnt be an issue but the day before im getting connected basically? 


Pathetic stuff.. 

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telsta mods

hi GRB1974


Agreed, we are rather sensitive, but we also understand when an issue has arisen that could have been avoided. 


The Proof of Occupation paperwork is required for the Home Phone but not the internet connection. 


"If the previous owner/ISP has not disconnected the telephone service for your new residence, you will need to supply proof of occupancy documents.

This will allow us to manage your new connection request.

We urge you to provide these documents as soon as possible, in order for us to begin progressing your order to completion.

Your new service will be connected within eight (8) business days from the date your documentation is received and validated." 


Therefore, this would be holding up your home phone connection but not your internet. Is this the only reason you have been provided for the delay in connecting your internet?


-     Lindy 



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