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Telstra 24/7 App assistance is just appalling

We moved house to a new build, cld not get hold of a human to organise a NBN connection or land line so did the application on line as we had no other choice. Did the application, the first avail date available was the 3rd July. This was weeks ago we did the application. I hv tried contacting Telstra about this, same thing a recording that disconnects u after advising to use the Telstra 24/7 app. It took 6 days of a new person asking me what my name, account #, Mobile # DOB for security purposes then say they need to transfer me to a department that can help only for a generic msg to appear “we r busier than normal someone will assist ASAP” to that effect & 24 hours wld go by & a new person wld as for all the security questions & ask what my query was & same thing, I’ll transfer u & nothing, next 24 hours same thing & so on this went for 6 days of Groundhog Day!!!! Finally Sunjay had transferred my call becos he got sick of waiting for someone to answer & no wonder 2.5hrs on hold!!! I finally spoke wth a person called Judith who said the online application didn’t work she wld process a new connection date which is now the 14/7/20! Earliest time. The big problem here as we didn’t realize being a new home how poor the reception is so we can barely make a call, I hv to stand in one spot in the house & not move & hv my phone on speaker to talk to anyone & even then they complain they can’t hear me! We hv used all our combined data hving to use our phones to stream anything, it’s school holidays & kids want to watch their iPads etc. I applied for the 25gig free data by the 30/6/20 on the 28/6 & I’m told that didn’t work either like our online NBN application & also Judith promises to add 20Gig to our account becos of what happened & to call the next day to inform me this happened & that she wld try to escalate the NBN connection date but surprise, surprise no call & never to be heard from again & no data added either! We hv barely no reception, are out of data & both my husband get msgs from Telstra they r charging us $10 per 1 Gig of data. Well we r going to go way over hving no NBN connected & none of the promised data we were suppose to receive! So get directed back to the app, a complaint will be raised & someone will contact me this morning! Well nada, nothing, zero assistance once again yet they keep billing us for used data. They hv gvn the services of Telstra to offshore & ur either speaking to someone in the phillipines, India or wherever & they cannot so anything for u except to Gv u the run around & cause massive stress & frustration for customers who just can’t seem to get ANY customer assistance! To hv to constantly repeat ur issue & ur personal details daily wth no resolution becomes infuriating & ur dealing wth absolute incompetence!!! How can they still be operating as a business???? This is absolutely disgusting service & from what I am reading here I am not alone! I think everyone shld just up & leave Telstra! They r nearly all as bad as each other! We just need one carrier to employ locals to answer calls & help yes help their customers! We r trying to run a business as well. Telstra has most def gone to the dogs & is an absolute joke!

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