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Telstra chat

Hi. Im wondering why your chat team are so useless? I have raised several chats trying to get my house connected to the internet and can never get past the "Sir-Daemon. Let me go ahead and review your account then I'll get back to you" part. then disconnects. an hour later im talking to someone new and the cycle repeats until 8pm when they just go home and ignore us till tommorow, just for the cycle to begin again at 8am.



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Re: Telstra chat

I have had this happen twice and WASTED OVER AN HOUR and I was trying to switch over from another company for nbn and home phone plus either a Telstra TV or Foxtel pack as I have FOXTEL PLAT HD. Even went into a store with all my other account details, I had my last 5 one-year leases and other paper I’d but cos my all my photo ID is expired I can’t be helped. I mean my surname there is only 5 people in Australia with it. One family. So I’m definately ME. I always pay on time and TELSTRA just must not want my money. Oh well,I’m sure another company WILL !!!!

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