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Telstra Velocity other options?

Hi guys,


I have recently moved to a property that is under the "Telstra Velocity" FTTP connection. 

I have been trying to setup an account with Telstra however the previous tenant still has our address under his account so the Velocity support informed us we had to provide proof of tenancy (which was provide two weeks ago). They said the best option would be for the previous tenant to just disconnect his account however despite countless attempts, he has no intention of doing it. He was forcefully evicted and were told he never paid his bills or rent so I cant see why Telstra would want to keep him connected as I doubt he has ever paid.


After the support line consistently gave me the wrong email address for over a week (Plus a direct line that was disconnected), I finally got in touch with someone who knew the correct address of however since sending it to the correct address, it's been well over the 5 business days response ETA that I was informed would be the response time.


Unfortunately I keep getting the generic "it will take some more time" message when I call so I am wondering is there any other options available or am I forced into the Telstra Velocity network as the support I have received so far just to get an account and connection is extremely underwhelming.


Any assistance/options would be greatly appreciated as my partner and I work mainly from home and have constantly had to increase our data daily due to not having a connection for almost a month.


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra Velocity other options?

For a Home Broadband connection, you are pretty much stuck with Telstra as the only connection available to you is the Velocity connection.


Your only other option is mobile broadband, which has just had its data limits increased to 400GB per month, which should be enough to get you through in the interim with work (and moderate personal, eg streaming) usage.

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Re: Telstra Velocity other options?

Go to the TIO at once and keep hammering Telstra.


In parallel, make sure you get the PPPoE details from Telstra ASAP. Even without the billing and the connection formally transferred you might be able to authenticate against your pending proper account on this possibly still active connection.

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