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Transfer Cable account to adsl at New Address



I'm currently off contract on Bigpond cable bundle, we are moving to a new house this month, which only has ADSL connection, no cable is installed in the estate.


Can I stay on my existing plan and switch to the new address.


I have looked into the new bundles and to get something equivalent its $135 p/m. Currently I'm paying $88 for 200GB.


I'm not prepared to pay more for the same service, if this is the case I'll move to a different provider.





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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Transfer Cable account to adsl at New Address

Hi iMat, 

Unfortunately your existing service would have to be cancelled, which means you'd love the Bundle as well. 

However, I would recommend just checking in with our consultants regarding the costs for something similar to your existing Bundle, as there are a whole range of options. 

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Re: Transfer Cable account to adsl at New Address

I can't really see that signing onto a new plan with telstra is my best option, I'm no better off than someone just signing onto Telstra, the biggest problem with Telstra I can see is that there is no loyalty to long term customers.


I had already spoken to your consultants and the only thing they said they could offer was the $135 bunble. It's a big jump from my $88 to $135 for essentially the same service, well infact worse because I have to downgrade to ADSL

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