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Trying to connect , lot of frustration , what are my options

Ok spoken to 10 different Telstra reps now , 2 Telstra shops , and now one no show from Telstra for a new phone & Adsl connection, getting very frustrated.
Phone has been on at my new premises in 2011 , moved in , enquired as getting ADSL2 internet on , was told I need to connect the phone also , as Telstra don't do naked Adsl, ok.
Apparently Telstra have no ports available in a sub-exchange or rim servicing Glenvale QLD , within the city limits of Toowoomba QLD, where the NBN is being rolled out.
Wireless NBN available in pockets around our suburb where no one lives ? , just basically empty land , and the cable isn't coming to our suburb.
So my issue is , no wifi signal really 1 bar out of 5 , which will not suffice for my needs and NBN is not an option for me.
Have been told , I need to connect the phone line for adsl services, but Telstra can't provide adsl.
To add insult , I was just informed I need to pay $600 advance payment to connect the phone line , when a line has been connected I the past, should this not be a $159 connection charge ?
Apparently I do not meet credit criteria , the reason being I been in the home less than 3 weeks ???? Is not every new customer not brand new to their new address? , I assure you my credit is fine , and my business sends $$$$$$ of business to Telstra each year , which may change after today's experience.
How can you seriously expect me to pay $600 for a service that should be $159 , a new connection is only $299 , and Telstra still cannot definitively tell me they can actually provide any internet service other than satellite , and that option is just ridiculous for me , it will not provide sufficient speed or quantity at prices that only,the sultan of Brunei could afford.
What are my options for internet , as it seems I'm stuck between a rock and Telstra network unable to help ?

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