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Trying to move service debacle

  • 28th May – Move order placed to move services for the 7th June.
  • 29th Mary – Telstra SMS saying new house NBN enabled, I would have to call them to discuss
  • 5th June – Called Telstra about NBN and had to raise new order.
  • 8th June – Order cancelled by Telstra as there was an error in the move order, was advised a Manager would be contacting me. No call was ever made to me
  • 15th June – Activations Team provide mobile data to my phone to use in the interim. Move order was still in process of cancellation 
  • 16th June – Online status of move state “Cancelled” for the 20th June…?? Future dated cancellation
  • 16th June – Rang again to see why it was cancelled and was advised that it was still in the final stages of cancellation and that I would have to go through sales to raise another move order.
  • 18th June - Complaints Team advise me to buy a 4g dongle and they will credit it with data and reimburse the cost. Not been reimbursed yet (1/7/2019)
  • 22nd June – SMS received to confirm June 27th as cutover date. And moved disconnection date of old property to the 26th June. Still Billing me for unused services 27th June – No technician turned up, no call, no communication.
  • 28th June – Emails the Complaints Manager who said another Complaints Manager was dealing with the issue. Not heard from him as of yet (01/07/2019)
  • 1st July – Telstra website shows incorrect move address, No.4 instead of No.14. Attempt was made to quiz me whether I gave the incorrect address but luckily I keep every or screenshot every so no mistake was made. Rang Telstra, got the same um’s and Ahhhs, then ‘shock horror’ put through to sales to raise ANOTHER move order. Key point of this story. I contact Telstra each and every time, admittedly they did call when I raised complaints/service requests but in regards to the move order NOTHING. You keep recordings of the conversations Telstra listen to how patient I’ve been, I’ve gone to the ombudsman 3 times, I’ve got 3-4 different Service Request numbers and yet
  • 1. I don’t have the internet or Foxtel services that I AM STILL PAYING FOR
  • 2. I am expected to pay $89 move fee
  • 3. I've not been credited for the 4g Dongle YOU told me to purchase which YOU said you would credit to my account
  • 4. I lost a days pay on the 27th waiting for a Telstra tech to come to my property. (I’m a contractor)
  • 5. I’ve never got an answer to any of the questions that I’ve asked in Service Requests. e.g Why should a I remain a customer. A big shout out to a few Telstra Team members who have NOT helped me along the way -

So if a Telstra employee reads this and says call the 1800 number and a complaints manager will assist you my response is, you have my SR’s you call me.

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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Trying to move service debacle

No actually, nobody here (Telstra or customers) know what your SR numbers are as you haven't posted them (nobody knows who you are to look it up either).

And the best way to lodge a formal complaint is
Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.

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