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What you provide is not a "service"

Teltra is the worst company ever! Couldn’t get even one single thing right!!!

I applied for Telstra NBN on 19th February (moving to a new place), and was told after signing up that NBN will do their installation on 16th of March and Telstra will do theirs on 23rd. It does seem like a lengthy time. But I though Telstra is the “biggest and best company”, and I could probably handle one month without internet-----the BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! My nightmare just started from this point, and it quickly went from bad to worse.

So the naïve me just thought “since I don’t have internet for a month, why not apply for Telstra’s mobile service for some data to use”. I walked into Telstra Queen Street store and got a pre-pay plan. And the store gave me a $50 credit for the mobile account.

All seemed nice until I got my first bill a few days afterwards. The store staff put in wrong date of birth. So I couldn’t access my account. And the store never applied the credit to my account. Hence I have got a $52 bill overdue  because I haven’t got my credit and couldn’t access my account. What is Telstra’s answer to it? "Pay your bill or we will disconnect your service” according to their online support officer after back and forth explanation--- waste another hour of my time.

But compared to my NBN account, this mobile issue is just minor. The NBN team did their job on 16th of March and the next day I got a call from Teltra saying they have to reschedule their time. I told him that I haven’t had internet for over a month. The guy said, quote “Oh that is very long. I will arrange this for you ASAP”. On 22nd of March, I drove 1 hr to a telstra store to hand in my driver license and finally got my information right. I asked their staff to check for the NBN schedule. I was told it was rescheduled to JULY!   ---------JULY!!! Why don’t just tell me it’s not gonna happen? Wait, coz Telstra wanna keep charging you while not giving you anything and keeping wasting your time!

Even the store staff could see July is being so wrong and urged me to call Telstra immediately. Spent 1hr 20 minutes on the phone with Telstra. And they rescheduled me to 10th of April, another month from now------completely unacceptable. And all Telstra telling me is “Pay your bill or we will disconnect your service and you will still own us money.”


I am completely speechless with Telstra—a company with no shame.  What they provided is simply a humiliation to the word “service”.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: What you provide is not a "service"


I can see that you've posted this to our Facebook Page as well and we've responded there.

We'd like to help out, if you can please reply to the Facebook post for further assistance, Thanks


- Matt

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