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When can i get connected??

Here's my situation. I signed up for a home phone and internet service with telstra. After booking an installation date to have my phone connected, no one turned up! So you guys waived the connection fee and internet set up and booked me in again. When the technition came to install the phone line he said there is no network connected to the unit i live in. 

So then i had to contact telstra to find out what happens next. I was informed there would need to be work done to connect the network up and i'd be given a case manager that would update me weekly on the progress of the job.

I never received a call from a case manager and had to chase things up myself. I was informed work was estimated to be completed by Dec 2nd.... then that date was pushed til Dec 4th. Dec 8th when i still had heard nothing i again contacted telstra and they said the date is now Dec 18th! 

It's now Dec 26th and i haven't heard a thing. Around Dec 20th i tried to call telstra again after someone from the company called and hung up when i picked up. I got the run around....put through to 4 different people, disconnected once and after 40 mins of holding i was informed the department i need to talk with is now closed for the day and i should call back the next day!

Just wondering how serious you guys really are about having me as a customer?

You've provided me with nothing after nearly 2 months of just trying to get on board with you guys! I'm at the point of just giving up on you guys.

All I want is an answer!


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