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Why does Telstra not want me as a customer is my $200 a month not enough ?

Trying to switch home phone and NBN to Telstra and either get Telstra TV or Foxtel from Telstra to replace Foxtel Plat HD ($69.99 plus calls and $139 a month). Both these services I have had for nearly 4 and a half years and always been up to date with billing. I’m out of contract. Twice the USELESS support messages have left me stranded and I eventually worked out they finished for the day (would have been nice to say so and not just GHOST ME) both times wasted over an hour. And went in store with my account numbers and last 4 one-year leases but cos my licence and passport have expired I COULD NOT BE HELPED. WTF. I have more than enough to verify Zi am who I am!!! BUT IT SEEMS MY MONEY IS NOT WANTED AND TELSTRA DOES NOT WANT MY BUISNESS-was going to sign up for an Xbox Series X pack as well for another $1100 as well. Guess I will go elsewhere as I’m so frustrated that something simple IS SO DIFFICULT FOR TELSTRA EMPLOYERS.

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