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Will we get ADSL at our new house

We are planning to move into a newly built house (renting) and would like to know if we will be able to get ADSL before committing $300 to connect the phone line. The property already has a phone socket inside the house, but we have been informed by the real estate agent that it is not the owner's responsibility to have the phone service enabled.


The new house is on a short street <address removed>. Doing an address lookup on the properties in the existing street indicates that ADSL is available, but a search using the property (and other exisitng properties) on the new street indicates that ADSL is not available.


Thomas Kearney Close is right on the boundary line of areas services by two DSLAM - QRTCEE4010M (DAS 40) which has 245 available ports and QRTCEE4005M (DAS 44) which has zero free ports.


QRTCEE4010M covers a very small area and I manged to physically locat the cabinet (Corner of  Falconer Close and Fairchild Street) - It's about 350m as the crow flies, or 450m following the roads.  All address lookups in DAS 40 return positive for ADSL availabilty, while those in DAS 44 return negative.


So what I want to know, without forking out $300, is, can I find out if the phone line will be connected to DAS 40 or DAS44?

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Re: Will we get ADSL at our new house

Hi Graeme_Russ


We'd love to be able to provide an assurance of service of a basic address check but I'm very sorry we can not guarantee any service until it's connected and active. This is because no matter what our systems tell us there's always a margin of error due to the multitude of external factors that we just can't predict, and unexpected obstacles that can crop up at any point in the process.


In order to apply for ADSL you need to have applied for a home phone connection. As ADSL is dependent on having an active phone line, but the phone line is not dependent on broadband availability the phone service will be connected in its own right as a telephone service, and then we can process an ADSL request to see if the service can be provided. 

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