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Account was taken by someone else(corrupted/hacked)


Last week my telstra account was stolen from me.   Via cyber attack fekm telstras end.   Access to my sim/phone number was taken by a cyber criminal and telstra left me unable to stop it because of the unsatisfactory system to stop identity theft.


I received a text from telstra with one off code and number to call telstra if i didnt request.   Called number went thru prompt then was redirected to use online means with link being sent via text message received said link begin to navigate link to stop said request ( couldn't find anything to say didn't request nor stop anything just standard information nothing to do with said topic)  as a result another one time code came via text same number to call within 10 seconds i was looked out of the network with phone reporting no sim.

Hoped on wifi went to email app to find email was corrupted,  verification request emails starting to appear from third party accounts linked to my phone number which some else was now in control of.

Not good results for me(this is a telstra story so we'll keep to that)

Tired to contact telstra was just on hold for over an hour.   Slept on it went to local telstra shop at open time close to work.   Closed number and account staff had no previous experience nor trainning to deal with such a matter.

Did all they could and started a ticket for fraudulent team added all my details including new email and contact number.


Fast forward 7 days multiple hours on hold still have had no contact with any senior/technical/fraud team member.


Questions unanswered why? How? Is phone now corrupted?

Brings me hear to thos community page. Tried to call gets no where. Telstra app messages no where.no one from telstra team wants to help me.

Can anyone else?  My experience needs to be documented to stop this feom happening to others in the future.  I believe they have failed there duty of care to keep my personel details safe.  If a no link was on the text and not a link to call a pre recorded message to get a use less link.


Ive lost money.  All my personel details from account.  And yes that was my main email address.   Has been a very dark week for myself.


This process needs to be revised and improved so no one else has to experience this stressful situation.

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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Account was taken by someone else(corrupted/hacked)

Your number shouldn't have been ported away unless that code had been given to a consultant. It is supposed to be a positive confirmation step verifying your identify.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.

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