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Automated NBN message to call re account on every external call

I have just spent 45 minutes going through NBN sales to faults and back to sales to get a form filled out and then back to faults so they can remove an automated message that Telstra has put on our landline regarding our landline being if we don't connect to the NBN. I have run the number one 800 050022 multiple times and explained that I have already an order in the system and I'm only now did they tell me I have to go to faults to get it sorted. The result was a huge inconvenience had a waste of 45 minutes of my time for a message that I neither ask for or had any choice in. Telstra should respect the fact these are our lines and we make the choice. Certainly let people know of The impending disconnection but not every day on every outgoing call you make. It is annoying and even after the process I have been told it will take up to 48 hours to remove. It is not good.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Automated NBN message to call re account on every external call

It's better than not being aware that your phone service is going to be cut off (which is what the usual complaint is).


But yes, once a migration order has been placed, the reminder message should be removed.

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