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Change of lessee help needed

Hi Guys, I need help with getting a Siebel and Mica account onto one bill.. I have been told that I need to do a change of lessee, because it is different billing systems, and I have tried to do that.  I really want help please... How do I get this done? 

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Re: Change of lessee help needed

Hey Loanezi, welcome to CrowdSupport, apologies for the slow reply.


Have you got this sorted? Which direction are you attempting to merge? MICA to Siebel or Siebel to MICA? The paperwork is different depending as to which you were doing and might explain your difficulty.


Because MICA is our Business customer management System, you'll need to complete either the business to consumer or consumer to business paperwork (depending as to your answer to my question above), found here: http://tel.st/w7elc. If the account is owned by a sole trader or a partnership, you'll need a letter from either the trader or one of the partners authorising the new service or the disconnection - even if you are the trader or owner, you'll still need to provide this letter on business letterhead. If the business is a PTY LTD, you'll need the same thing from a director, also on company letterhead. Has this all of this been provided? If not, it could be the reason for the delay.


Typically, the merger requires the disconnection and reconnection of the mobile service to facilitate the transfer, so requires a new SIM card. This could also explain the delay.


The reason so much documentation is involved is that business accounts are prime targets for fraudulent connections and devices. Often because they have a large number of services, the addition or a subtraction of one is unlikely to go noticed when the account is generated for payment - we need a solid paper trail to back up the actions taken.

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