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Customer feedback: internet sessions of 100+MB in mobile data usage

We recently had some feedback from one of our My Account for Business customers.


It [My Account] gave me the information I wanted (Mobile Broadband data usage), but it confirmed a problem of overmetering by Telstra (multiple phantom Internet sessions of 117MB) continues without any improvement after 2.5 months of dialogue with Telstra support.”



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Re: Customer feedback: internet sessions of 100+MB in mobile data usage

After speaking to our data usage team, we found out why this is occurring. We’ve recently improved the way we send alerts to you about your data use. By reporting data usage this way, you will be notified sooner when you reach your data limit. Instead of generating at least one record of your data use every 24 hours, we’re now also generating a record for every 100-130MB block of data you use. As a result, your records will be more up-to-date and you’ll receive your data usage alerts (50%, 85% and 100%) sooner.


It also means data records will appear differently in your Mobile Data Usage Meter (MDUM). File transfers that are larger than 130MB will appear in increments of 100-130MB. For instance, a 210MB video stream will appear as two separate entries of 105MB in the MDUM. If you don’t use 100-130MB within 24 hours, a record will be created for the data you have used in the 24-hour period. If you have any further questions, you can chat with one of our online consultants at Business Chat 24x7.


There is also http://telstra.com/yourdata provides helpful tips to help you manage your data limit. Hope this helps  


Regards, Matt

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Telstra (Retired)

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