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Direct debit bill payment

Since February I have been trying to set up a direct debit for our mobile account with Telstra so payment is not missed (missed it once and phones were cut off without warning putting our employees on the road at risk) Hilariously apparently Telstra cant email the bill, they still print huge amounts of pages. Anyway we created the account, filled in the forms, and each month since then when it hasn't occurred contacted Telstra - the last call to cust service 3/6 they even took the card number to pay the current account and I see this hasn't even been processed. I was told the matter was being escalated and requested an email confirmation to ensure it was all in order. Guess what ? Still no direct debit done, no contact from Telstra and on checking see the previous payment still not processed. So there's no contact email I can make and the number on the account 125111 for bill inquiries doesn't connect. When I can find a carrier with the same coverage Telstra is gone.Hopefully someone from Telstra is monitoring this forum because the next contact I make will be to the TIO.   Angry much - yes!

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