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Download Bill - Has any one? Ever?

Hi all,


Has anyone in the history of Mankind ever successfully downloaded a bill from Telstra Business online?


This has never worked, I have raised this on a number of occasions, however no technical support at Telstra is able to fix this.  Very  frustrating, All I want to do is review a detailed bill! is that too much to ask.


 I select the appropriate account, from a drop down list, that got this right...  then select the month or a date range of bills to download.  Then select the format.  Then I get a swirly icon thing,like its trying to process something.... lol, nope then it goes to the  'que page, and says pending, when you hold the coursor over this pending text a little info box says available in 24 hours.  



Well, the bills are never available, they just keep quing up.  Yes i have raised it with telstra tech support several times, they can not fix it.  I keep checking every few months thinking one day this will be fixed.... 


Im so over this!!


So my original question:  Has anyone ever been able to download bills?  or has anyone 



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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Download Bill - Has any one? Ever?

Hi MattStibb

If Telstra Business haven't been able to resolve this for you, we'd recommend lodging a complaint so that further assistance can be offered. 

Your options for lodging a complaint can be found on our website here: https://www.telstra.com.au/small-business/support/contact-us/make-a-complaint

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