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How to speak to customer srvice

In my latest bill, I notice SMS charges in excess of $12; they are all for alleged oversea numbers I don;t recognise. I am a simple country resident, the only overseas I have been to is Tasmania. I don;t know anybody overseas or have numbers like _+1 415... 5 different countries. I am not Paul Hogan or your jet-junky journalist. In the past I would ring up 132000 and speak to a nice person in the Phillipinnes; they cared. Now I am told to send message 14x7 chat.  I have twice and do yuo think Telstra would care to ring me back? NO. This largest profit making company in Australasia is becoming lazy and greedy by the day. Adding false charges to my account and not bothering to clear the mess.  Any advice on my travails will help lessen my emotional turmail. Does any recommend any other mobile service provider, or any number that reaches a decent human being at Telstra headquarters or what they call Calling Booth Centres? Cheers, mate.

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Re: How to speak to customer srvice

Telstra doesn't even make it into the top 10 most profitable companies in Australia (and that's ignoring the private companies).


+1 415 numbers are located around San Francisco. I'm wondering if you have a rogue app on your phone that is sending them?


When querying the charges through the My Telstra app, mark the message as urgent by tapping the 3 dots in the top right of the messaging screen.

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Re: How to speak to customer srvice

Definitely check which Apps on your phone have permission to send SMS. On an Android device go into Settings and search for App Permissions. See if there's anything suspicions with SMS permissions.

SMS sent from apps might not show in your message history. But check your history as well in-case you've inadvertently pocked dialled these numbers.

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