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intermittent fault, only on Telstra outgoing mail. Incoming, all good

I have an intermittent fault on my bigpond email.


I have tried to resolve this fault several times in the last fortnight.


Because it is an intermittent fault, it is difficult to isolate.


I have had civil and constructive help from the Manila help staff but their assistance has not solved the problem.


I have deleted settings in Outlook multiple times and tried the 3 suites of settings.


Imap doesn't work at all

POP3 intermittent fault

"Old email" mail.bigpond.com settings also intermittent fault slightly less than POP3 .

Timing of fault is random

Note: IMAP clearance of Gmail address in Outlook is faultless, works all the time including when bigpond is not working.


System for internet/email


Satellite via provider Bordernet, who is using NBN.


Problem description:


Intermittently, my outgoing bigpond email  locks will not send, and generates error messages.


Using the same satellite system which is NBN supplied by Bordernet, and a dependant account of my bigpond email, the bigpond address my wife uses in our business  does not fail or does not fail as often. She uses in outgoing, mail.bordernet.com.au however, if I try that it will not work at all . She occasionally gets an intermittent problem but less often. (Or, I use email more than she does and I discover it more).


Both computers are on Windows 10, Office 365, and using Outlook.


Every send/receive, I also clear mail on my other address cobhorse@gmail.com which never fails so long as there is internet. (When the bigpond outgoing fails, I simply send from that address).


As far as I know, all my bigpond email comes in. When the fault is present, I cannot send using bigpond.


Browsers work reliably.


Microsoft support also tried settings (which they get from Telstra) . The intermittent fault remained.


With the tech staff in Manila I have tried all the various combinations that they present, and none remove the intermittent fault. I have discussed this with tech help at Bordernet. I have tried mail.bordernet.com.au by itself as my wife uses with her bigpond/Telstra password , and I have tried with with the bordetnet username and password and neither work.


Bordernets impression is that it is a Telstra setting that is rejecting it. But if that is so I don’t see why it would be intermittent. My computer is a Lenovo, purchase in August 2016, solid state. I am going nuts and getting not one jot of useful support from Telstra to help me understand/solve problem... it is an appalling service

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