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intermittent fault, only on Telstra outgoing mail. Incoming, all good

I have an intermittent fault on my bigpond email.


I have tried to resolve this fault several times in the last fortnight.


Because it is an intermittent fault, it is difficult to isolate.


I have had civil and constructive help from the Manila help staff but their assistance has not solved the problem.


I have deleted settings in Outlook multiple times and tried the 3 suites of settings.


Imap doesn't work at all

POP3 intermittent fault

"Old email" settings also intermittent fault slightly less than POP3 .

Timing of fault is random

Note: IMAP clearance of Gmail address in Outlook is faultless, works all the time including when bigpond is not working.


System for internet/email


Satellite via provider Bordernet, who is using NBN.


Problem description:


Intermittently, my outgoing bigpond email  locks will not send, and generates error messages.


Using the same satellite system which is NBN supplied by Bordernet, and a dependant account of my bigpond email, the bigpond address my wife uses in our business  does not fail or does not fail as often. She uses in outgoing, however, if I try that it will not work at all . She occasionally gets an intermittent problem but less often. (Or, I use email more than she does and I discover it more).


Both computers are on Windows 10, Office 365, and using Outlook.


Every send/receive, I also clear mail on my other address which never fails so long as there is internet. (When the bigpond outgoing fails, I simply send from that address).


As far as I know, all my bigpond email comes in. When the fault is present, I cannot send using bigpond.


Browsers work reliably.


Microsoft support also tried settings (which they get from Telstra) . The intermittent fault remained.


With the tech staff in Manila I have tried all the various combinations that they present, and none remove the intermittent fault. I have discussed this with tech help at Bordernet. I have tried by itself as my wife uses with her bigpond/Telstra password , and I have tried with with the bordetnet username and password and neither work.


Bordernets impression is that it is a Telstra setting that is rejecting it. But if that is so I don’t see why it would be intermittent. My computer is a Lenovo, purchase in August 2016, solid state. I am going nuts and getting not one jot of useful support from Telstra to help me understand/solve problem... it is an appalling service

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