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Mobile services moved to business but home internet account also moved and now inaccessible for info

Hi all

Last year I had 4 personal/consumer mobile accounts moved to business accounts (which in itself was a nightmare) but they also moved my home internet from my consumer account onto the business account BILLING. Trouble is I no longer have access to check my home internet (NBN) account as it have been moved from my consumer Telstra ID login. I can see the account on the business bill where all my mobile accounts are. But the business login page does NOT see the home internet account and I cannot check usage etc.

I have tried to create a new Telstra ID and add the home internet account to it but it doesn't work as it says it is linked to the business account (even though it isn't a business plan). 

Anyone know how to access personal internet accounts WITHIN the business portal ? I didn't ask for the internet account to be moved to the business account billing (Telstra did that on it's own for some strange reason).

Many thanks


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