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T Analyst Notices - fail

Tried calling Telstra on this but wasn't getting anywhere so gave up holding.


Every month I get the below email notice for our business account..




The following Telstra bills are now available in T Analyst.

Account number

Bill number

Bill issue date

Current balance

Due date

New charges


P xxx 424 xx1-1





If you don't want to receive T Analyst emails, you can change your email notification options in the set-up section of T Analyst.

To access this, please login to Your Telstra Tools and access T Analyst via the billing tab.

Need help? Please refer to our knowledge article on how to switch off bill arrival notifications.

Best regards,

Andrew Wildblood
Executive Director
Premier Business, Telstra Business


So every month I link on the view bill link but get this notice....


Unfortunately, a technical issue has been encountered.Please try again later or if urgent please contact us on 1800 017 353.


Now bear in mind that the screen that comes up when I click the link is automatically opened under my account but on the 'Business & Enterprise' tab (we're a small business) so the contact number noted in the message does not relate to my account.


In the past I could get around this by simply clicking on the billing tab on this page to take me to the old 'online billing' page. However today, even though I've rec'd the email notice saying the bill is available (as per above) my online billing page will only let me access the June bill.


Why, after several months of getting these email notices and encountering the same technical issues message, has this not yet been resolved???


Am getting quite frustrated with the amount of time and effort I waste trying to manage the billing for our account. I have also forwarded to our Telstra agent (M2 Digital).



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Support Team
Support Team

Re: T Analyst Notices - fail

Hi wayneharper, 


Sorry to hear of the concern with the email linking  you to easy access for your account. 

If you log in generally from here:  http://tel.st/768c most of the time is it ok? 

The main issue seems to be what the email is linking you to? 

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