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Telephone line installation

Hi Ordered for anew Telephone line for my new business.

Got the new number advertised the new number for my clients to call thinking the line will be active within 10 days.

I rodered around the first week of march

I was told two technicians will come

1st Technician comes from NBN: does something and goes away. After he left noticed Internet was down for more than a day.

Call telstra got it fixed

2nd Technician from TELSTRA comes oh thoise F*****NBN technicians are Idiots they have not connected the line??????

Call telstra

NEW set of Techs ordered in

#rd Tchnician comes(NBN) Oh those Telstra   wank******** dont knbow a **bleep** I was a NBN tech for 35 million years "You dont need a a extra line for a new number "You can run hundreds of phone thorough One NBN line    Great Dont tell me mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 th Technician: OH its Telstra same story blaming NBN 

I called telstra at 3 pm today and still waiting for a reply????

Should I go to the Ombudsman can some one help. What should be my next steps


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