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Telstra allowed fraud impacts small business

I am listening to a colleague be slowly driven insane by Telstra.

Quick back story:
- a crimimal visited a Telstra branch and managed to sign up for a mobile broadband account in the name of my colleague's company - this was a complete stranger with no involvement with the company at all - Telstra did not do their due dligence or seek the company's approval
- the criminal used $5k worth of services and then failed to pay Telstra
- Telstra launched debt collection about a year later (at this stage my colleague knew nothing about the fake account)
- The debt collector asked for $5k from my colleague who said WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!? 
- Colleague called Telstra to ask for information about fake account and they said they can't tell him anything because he's NOT THE ACCOUNT HOLDER!!
- (And yet they were pursuing him for payment of the account)
- Debt collector stated even if it was not is fault, he should lodge fraud report with police
- He lodged fraud report with police and sent written details to Telstra
- Telstra CONTINUED debt collection action 
- Telstra had a default recorded against my colleague's PPSR record because he was director of the company they allowed to be defrauded
- My colleague has just been told by a Telstra Case Manager there is nothing else they can do and he should contact The Ombudsman to pursue compensation and removing this (fake) bad credit rating

CONGRATULATIONS TELSTRA !!  The impact your incompetence has had on this small business is beyond even your usual lack of care. Now a small business owner with past impeccable record has bad credit thanks to YOU not taking care when being defrauded and allowing a small business to be tied up in your incompetence. Shame on you!

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Re: Telstra allowed fraud impacts small business

After following the links below this post, it's not surprising but is really disappointing to see Telstra has done this to someone else, with the exact same lack of care and inability to resolve the problem they alone caused. It's "Yes Minister" type service. Absolutely amazing "death by a thousand bureaucratic responses". The combined efforts of Telstra and their chosen "debt collector" Panthera (same company in both these cases) verges on criminal negligence and victimisation. If someone treated Telstra like this they'd be threatened with legal action and prison.
Support Team
Support Team

Re: Telstra allowed fraud impacts small business

Hello, I can most certainly appreciate your concerns. If your colleague is able to lodge a formal complaint at this link a case manager will be assigned and will look into this further.

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