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App issues

Hi All

couple issues 

1. I have 2 billing accounts that where closed and finalised middle of last year yet they are still appearing on my app and online account. I have done all the trouble shooting I can on my end to fix issue. Still to good. I’ve had that many web forms to IT to fix it and I get the bull**bleep** excuses we can’t see them on our end. So I get out in circles. 

2. when I go into to my app and click on the little human and go account settings, profile update or something like that. Email verify send link. It opens another page and fails to do any thing except says up in the URL section Telstra retail force failed. Same again as other issue done all the basics to fix it and requested help getting no where.


happy to get any advice to fix theses issues in bloody over it !!!! 

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Level 1: Cadet

Back office email


since no one helped me on my last msg. Anyone have contact details directly to back office team. 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Back office email

Are you still being billed for the services? If not, then there isn't a huge problem.


There is no way to contact the back of house teams directly.


You could lodge a complaint via

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