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forget MyTelstra app and myid telstra website

It seems the problem with accessing Telstra account is if you have multiple Telstra accounts being accessed by multiple Telstra logins or Telstra IDs. I used to have access on the web using my PC but now it doesn't work. Same thing happened with MyTelstra app. it seems the relationship between logins and accounts across types is not supported or is limited. If we have the facility to un-link these and delete the Telstra ID and then re-set it up again, that should solve this problem. Perhaps the business rules behind these should be redefined and re-coded. I've seen this before during GUI developments of applications and databases where JVM and reuse of metadata is not reset prior to it being used in a new or different function. An easy fix, I should say.

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Re: forget MyTelstra app and myid telstra website

I only have a single Telstra account, but have created a couple of Telstra IDs to try to get my log in to work (it was broken before I created the second one, though). It appears that historic records of account details may be causing the problem.


I have been struggling with this issue for months - I finally got through to complaints, and the operator knew immediately about this issue. His solution was to remove all of the email addresses associated with my account, and then to get me in a few days time to create a new Telstra ID with my email address of choice.

Interestingly, there were 6 email addresses associated my account: 1 personal one, and 5 others that have been my Telstra account email addresses over the past 25 years (beginning with a bigpond.net.au), which I believed were disassociated as I had a major overhaul of my account at one point, due to my name having been misspelt on my original account and had an entirely new account set up - somehow it still has all of my old email addresses linked!).

I can’t say if this will work, as I am still waiting for the deletion to occur, but it is immensely frustrating that Customer Service (telephone/live chat/message) and IT Service Desk did not know the solution. The complaints operator, as soon as I told him the problem, proposed this solution, which was not accessible to at least 8 other customer service operators.

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Re: forget MyTelstra app and myid telstra website

I have the same problem. Been chatting online with Telstra support but they seem to be unable to understand the issue. It would appear that this problem has been going on ever since they ‘upgraded’ their database and user portal. I predicted it would be a disaster and I was right. It’s been months and thousands of complaints later, but as usual the consumer meets a brick wall. Whoever they contract to manage their accounts is totally incompetent and they know it. Consumer affairs, the ombudsman, and our politicians are either impotent or don’t care. 

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