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Telstra 24/7 App and Messaging Service

Hi, I ported to Telstra at JB HI-FI and logged in via the app on my iPhone. It log's in but says 'we couldn't retrieve your telstra plus membership details' and 'something went wrong - refresh now or try again later' on every screen on the app. I'm unable to see my usage details/bill details or pay bills via the app. I cant call through 13 22 00, it refers to me use the messaging service via text - this also doesn't work as the message always fails when I try to send. I am stuck, can someone please assist? Cheers, KC

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Re: Telstra 24/7 App and Messaging Service

Hi @KCH 


When did you port over to Telstra?


Try the Telstra 24/7 LiveChat https://tel.st/t65yg 


I suggest from 9am to 5pm M-F.

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Re: Telstra 24/7 App and Messaging Service

This doesnt work it leads me to the messaging service which always fails to send. As per below. I cant get in contact with telstra


Messaging is just like texting a friend.

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Re: Telstra 24/7 App and Messaging Service

I ported 2-3 months ago

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