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Telstra App / Telstra Website / Telstra What r u doing ???

Why do you constantly promote your Telstra App and online presence as the answer for every question ...... But it just won't work. I cannot :


1. After repeated attempts for weeks, download a single bill on either your App or website. Doesn't work !!

2. I have tried logging in and out so many times, refreshing the browser and settings etc etc etc

3. People cannot even purchase an iWatch that I was ready to pay over $700 for, but ya just don't work.

3. Just as your clunky old webmail interface is So ridiculously clumsy and prone to fail at any time, you can't seem to even make a website functional.   What r u doing Telstra ?? It's been like this for Months now  ?????

C'mon you want us to treat you as a serious International Communications Carrier ??? Get it together  🤣 

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