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Unable to sign into MyTelstra on iPhone 12 Pro

I have a Telstra account and id number yet when I try to log into My Telstra on my iPhone 12 Pro, I first get the message'My Telstra wants to use '' to sign in. I click 'continue', enter my username and password and receive the message "We can't display your account etc etc' I have deleted app and reinstalled, turned phone off and on, put in and out of flight mode but nothing works. The people at the Telstra shop had no clue. Help??

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Re: Unable to sign into MyTelstra on iPhone 12 Pro

I am having this problem now, same phone and mine says i have multiple accounts and brings up 3 different email addresses but I cant click on any of them, then when i sign in nothing comes up at all.... kinda over it!!

did you have any luck solving this? 

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Level 21: Augmented

Re: Unable to sign into MyTelstra on iPhone 12 Pro

Hi - there is a new change to the latest Apple iOS 14.2.1 which requires the user to authorise an App before it can be used by the iOS. Apple implemented this additional level of security at short notice. When you re-installed the Telstra App , were you asked to authorise the App with your Apple ID and Password. Maybe a temporary glitch in the Telstra front end system that communicates with the Telstra App. In the interim period, are you able to successfully access your Telstra Account on the iPhone 12 by using Safari with the '' address? 


@AshNic - is your iPhone also at current software level - unexpected that you get partially in but not any further. 

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