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Airplay and Chromecast icon

There’s no airplay or Chromecast icon. This app has gone to trash. Someone fix it please. Want to watch the game on tv not on my phone. What are we paying for ? Half the time the app doesn’t even work. 

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Re: Airplay and Chromecast icon

Hello @Netiappfail,


Thanks for your message, sorry to see you've had issues casting in the Netball Live App.


We've just gone through the last couple of rounds and have no issues casting. Can you please

confirm a few details?


-What match were you watching? Not all live matches in the App can be cast, only matches not live on Channel 9

or 9Now are cast enabled, this has been the case since 2016.

-Are you connected to Wi-Fi? (Have you tried turning internet off and on to reconnect?)

-Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the Netball Live App?

-Have the requested permissions for the app been granted?

-Are you able to cast any content? (YouTube etc)

-What device are you using to access the Netball Live App and which version of

iOS/Android is it running? (should be in settings/about)

-Is there a VPN active on the Wi-Fi network? (often used to work from home).


If you have had any other issues with the app please let us know.

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