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improve the netball live app - it is unwatchable

so suncorp told us fans that you had investigated and improved this netball app but I'm calling this bullsheit. 

the app in all likelyhood only imporved because so many fans got jack with the content and stopped watching. i see nothing here about a fix ans what caused the issue.

there were so many buffering and delay issues that you could not even watch 30 seconds without the broadcast dropping out, stop buffering al together. losing the plot and missing the game. lost the plot, couldnt watch the game, couldnt replay and couldnt listen because of all the noise and issues. 

it was an absolute disgrace and you should be ashamed at putting out such a poor quality experience to fans who expect to be treated with respect not absolute contempt. 

sure you are a company out for profit but treating fans so poorly wont endeer you to anything. 

concentrate on fixing the issues so fans can watch games or you will find other sports catch the attention of females and our dollars will flow to those successfull providers accordingly. 


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