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4G Mobile Outage in Sydney Underground Rail Tunnel Between Bondi Junction and Edgecliff

For at least a month, Telstra 4G cellular coverage has dropped out in the Sydney underground rail tunnel between Bondi Junction and Edgecliff station.


To be precise, it has dropped out in the tunnel segment between Bondi Junction station and the Edgecliff Road cutting in Woollahra. Previously there was full 4G reception in this segment.


Now, there is no reception. There are zero bars of signal strength. However, 4G coverage in the tunnel segment between the Edgecliff Road cutting and Edgecliff station is working normally.


I have reached out to Telstra through various channels without success. I could not get one Telstra representative to confirm that the details of my mobile outage report had been passed to maintenance crews.


I am hoping that a member of the infrastructure maintenance team reads this and initiates the actions required to commence repairs.


Alternatively, I am waiting for a Telstra bean counter to confirm that 4G reception won't be restored at this location due to cost cutting.

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