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4g ultimate wifi dual cable aerial

Hello can any body please tell were in brisbane i can get a dual cable 4g ultimate modem aerial from. I am having problems with reception in clayfield and it is worse than the 3g  i up graded from. I have been to telstra shop attoombul and they seem to think it strange to expect my device to work the wat it is supposed to. I have asked and baggered them to supply one and they keep telling not available. This is the worste service i have ever come across. They had one but when i brought my modem i was told that i would not need it,,now it is sold and telstra cannot supply support thier equipment. Very poor service very poor quality of gears performance. Please any one got any ideas

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Re: 4g ultimate wifi dual cable aerial

Dear me, they should have them in stock, sure they aren't an everyday event, but still as you say, it is a product accessorie after all.


Know the Clayfield/Eagle Junction area really well, nice part of Brissy.


Mate there are a few of these on Ebay, that might be your best bet. Here's an example, brand new $24..


You might find this sort of avenue is your best bet.







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Re: 4g ultimate wifi dual cable aerial

From what I can see that store you visisted was a partner store, unfortuantly in my expirience many of them aren't over helpful when it comes to things which don't make them the $$. They tend to direct people to other contact methods when it means helping without getting anything in return... not all of them are that way but google reviews on that store suggest they are good at doing it... I had a look at stores near by and there is a Telstra Owned store fairly close, they will be more help. If they don't have any they will be able to get one for you. Looks like there is two stores in the same Westfield, one is a licencee and one isn't, I have put the details below of the Telstra run one for you and hopefully they will be able to give you some help.



Shop 188 Westfield Chermside
Chermside QLD 4032

Phone: 1800 726 147
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Re: 4g ultimate wifi dual cable aerial


The latest 16dB Yagi work can work on 700-3000 MHz which will cover any tower frequency for the perceivable future covering 3G, 4G 1800 MHz & 4GX 700 MHz etc, so the Yagi will be able to get the latest Generation of signal weather it is 5G or 6G in to the future.

For the moment Voice calls will only be on 850Mhz 3G and data on both 3G and 4G as the 4GX rolls out.

To get the best out of the 4G & 4GX is to use two Yagi Antennas half a meter apart on the same pole with two cables down to the 4G equipment all fully supplied, by a fully trained Telstra Contractor with a Guarantee on the signal availability and 12 months on the Yagi flat pack kit equipment, Ph 1800307305 Opt3. TMSA Opt 4.


On one install on a winery outside Rutherglen Vic, a customer from an 1800 MHz cell got a 4G signal with 56.5 Mbps down load with a 16 Mbps upload. These are the speeds coming for customers in 4G reception areas that are rolling out now since and before Jan 2015.


The winery still had to get a  3G TMSA with a third Yagi seperately mounted on it's own pole to get mobile reception in their shed.



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