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4gx Telstra Wireless modem so slow - less than 2km from tower

A couple of days ago I signed up for a 200gb mobile broadband service and I purchased a Telstra 4gx modem from Officeworks. I am in a large town less than 2km from the nearest tower. My DL speeds are between 3mbs (rarely) and .9mbs most of the time. 


Can someone help, I've spent my money and can't watch anything or browse.

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Re: 4gx Telstra Wireless modem so slow - less than 2km from tower

Hi MM1422, is the modem still running at those speeds? If so, could I confirm the suburb and postcode you're using it in?

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Re: 4gx Telstra Wireless modem so slow - less than 2km from tower

Hi - acknowledge that there may be some maintenance work being done on the cell tower.


What is the model number of the 4GX modem you have purchased. Those speeds resemble 3G operation or a bad location for the modem in home which is preventing it from getting a stronger signal - unaware if your modem has a ability to lock out certain frequency bands for optimum speed results or if it is set to Auto Band selection.


I mistakenly thought the southern side of my home was closet to a cell tower 1.2 km away at our local shopping centre and was disappointed with speeds - some started at your levels and when I selected specific bands for exclusion , speeds increased  to ADSL quality - under 20 Mbps DL. I later discovered , I had another tower under 600 metres away in the northern direction which tripled the speed experience. So, if you haven't done so to date,  try doing some walk around tests around the home using your mobile WiFi connection for seeing where speed tests are optimum.


I even went outside into my garden initially, pointing it still to the southern side,  to see if things improved there and couldn't work out why speeds did not change - I put it down to neighbours' homes in street  blocking signals but was obviously wrong when I discovered the other cell.  


This map will show you any other towers in your area - you may in an area that overlaps signals from two towers. You may only have one. Your mobile phone can also be used to identify which band is receiving at home by using its Field Test Mode. 

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Re: 4gx Telstra Wireless modem so slow - less than 2km from tower

If you have a Telstra mobile run a speed test on it using at the same location as the Wireless modem.


It would be interesting to compare the results & possibly determine if reception is really an issue.

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