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5g network

Does anyone know when we can expect the 5g in The Vines 6069 to start acting like “Australia’s best 5g network”


I get 25mbs on 5g and the same 4g while my Wife gets 130mbs on her 4g with Optus. I was in Osbourne Park the other day getting 300mbs so when can I expect the same at home?

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Support Team

Re: 5g network

Hi LT1212. 

That's a bit of an odd one. Actual coverage can still be affected by a range of factors, including:

  • the type of mobile broadband device you’re using
  • your location
  • the surrounding landscape, and
  • the building where you may be using your device.

If you have good connection to the tower then you should get higher speeds, but it can depend on a range of factors. I would make sure you are moitoring your Network diagnostics in My Telstra app:

Can you please try turning off the phone and removing the SIM card from your phone. Leave the phone off and the SIM out for 10 mins, then reinstall the SIM card & re-start your phone. This will force a network update through to your mobile and can sometimes fix these issues.

If there are no outages and the SIM restart does not help, please can you go to our troubleshooting page and click on the "Fix an Issue" icon to go through guided support steps to help diagnose the issue. This will also provide next steps if it is unable to resolve the problem. 

Let me know how you go after giving that a try.


Regards - Tom 


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