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About the new pre-paid plans


Got a few questions about the new pre-paid plan changes that came into effect at the end of Aug 2021.


Will the new pre-paid plans support Telstra One for connecting to smart watches? Any plans for this?

Will the new pre-paid plans support international roaming? I saw some previous comments about international roaming coming back to pre-paid in late 2021. Is this happening with the new pre-paid plan changes?


And why do pre-paid have these restrictions anyway?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: About the new pre-paid plans

No. PrePaid Plans do not support Telstra One Number. We haven't heard any plans about this changing.

No. Prepaid Plans do not support International Roaming. It was supposed to be reintroduced mid-2021, but it seems to have disappeared from the radar for the time being.


Prepaid Plans have always been restricted in their offerings compared to Postpaid. Mainly to encourage people to move to the Postpaid plan offerings (although since the move to month-to-month for Postpaid Plans, the logic behind this has largely evaporated), but also because they were managed differently within Telstra's systems.

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