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Answering calls on Google nest

I have connected the Telstra Voice activated calling and call answering on my Google nest and it is working OK. 
The issue I have is that it needs to know when I am at home and when I am not so that the Google home only announces and allows answering on the google devices when I am in the home. 
Google has presence sensing and knows when my phone is home or away.  
When Im out it is no use to me when people at home answer calls and tell callers Im out when Im trying to answer the call on my mobile phone

I was wondering what Telstra can do to perhaps use presence sensing with Google.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Answering calls on Google nest

Not yet. The Google API doesn't allow that functionality with calling functions in their products. Hopefully they will build it in in a future update as most reviewers have already identified it as an annoyance.

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