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Any blocked ports on 4GX modems?

I'm setting up a livestream for a work project, using OBS on an Apple Mac.


It works fine when connected to the office WiFi, but the software won't connect to the server when using a phone set to a wireless hotspot which is through a non-Telstra provider.


It does work when using a Telstra phone set as a wireless hotspot.


In short:


1. Via office WiFi: works

2. Via iPhone with a non-Telstra carrier [hotspot]: doesn't work

3. Via Android phone with a non-Telstra carrier [hotspot]: does work

4. Via iPhone with Telstra [hotspot]: works


I assume that the non-Telstra carrier is blocking the particular port that the livestream software runs on.


Since it seems to work fine on a Telstra phone as a hotspot, is it safe to assume that it would also work through a pre-paid 4GX modem? Is there any way I can test it before buying one, or return the device if it doesn't?

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Re: Any blocked ports on 4GX modems?



Thanks for your post.


If you're able to use a phone to access the livestream via the Telstra Network, then there's no reason you wont be able to do this via a Mobile Broadband device which uses the same network.

We don't actively block ports via the network - so assuming firewall settings allow for the access to the stream, you should be good to go.


As for testing a device, this will depend on if the Store has a demo model of the device.

There's no easy way for me to check which stores do, and which ones don't.


Do you perhaps known someone that has one of these devices so you can test?

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Re: Any blocked ports on 4GX modems?

Thanks for your response. I had a response from Telstra on Twitter saying similar so we bit the bullet and bought one and everything's looking good now, cheers!

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