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Appalling customer service from Telstra

Why is Telstra such an appalling organization when it comes to customer service. Does not matter how I try to contact them it gets no where, they have no continuity of problem, the do not reply.  They are a money generating machine that does not care about their customers.  It is impossible to talk to someone.  Yet contact IInet, foxtel and you actually talk to a real live human, goodness.

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Re: Appalling customer service from Telstra

Cant agree more. I have been trying to speak to someone at Telstra for 2 weeks without success. I even went into a store and got no assistance there either. No idea what's happening. So true you cant talk to a person and My Telstra App doesn't work either so I have no way of contacting a real person. 


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Re: Appalling customer service from Telstra

I know, it's so frustrating. I went into telstra shop to send off my galaxy s9 to be assessed and repaired/replaced on 16th July 2020. Telstra shop was finally notified that it had been assessed as faulty and was being replaced. They were told it was shipped back to them on 23rd August. On 10th September I went back to telstra shop and they phoned device care and was told it wasn't shipped and was being shipped that day or the next. Two weeks later the shop phoned device care again (while I was there) and was told by device care that they didn't tell them the last time they called that it had been shipped. I finally got to speak to someone on 132200 and I was told YES it was shipped back to the shop and I should just wait a bit longer. Sometime after that the telstra shop was advied by device care that they had lost my phone and were shipping another one. I spoke to someone on 132200 again on 20th October and told that device care say they have never received the phone from the telstra shop (WHAT !!!!). Went back to shop and they phoned device care yet again. This time they were informed it had been sent back to Samsung (again WHAT

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