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Cable outage Southport - 45% Packet Loss

Last night there was a brief thunderstorm and heavy rain for approx 30mins.


Since then my net has been woeful.

Testing on pingtest and my results, if it works at all, are horrendous. 25% packet loss is atrocious

I slept on it hoping that it might be rectified in the morning but it appears that was wishful thinking.

What is going on?

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Re: Cable outage Southport - 45% Packet Loss

Nothing is showing for Cable services in Southport (assuming you are in QLD because there is a Southport in multiple States in Australia). There are known issues showing for NBN services though.

You can check these things at servicestatus.telstra.com

As there is no known wide-spread outage you next step if you've power cycled your modem is to call tech support on 133933 and go from there.
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Re: Cable outage Southport - 45% Packet Loss

I followed your advice and contacted Tech Support, sadly there was little they could do regardless of how hard they tried. I was informed by the CS rep that due to the upgrades their system was down and that I couldn't get a date and time for a technician to visit my premises to determine the cause of the fault but that someone would call me back within the day to arrange the visit. 


That was yesterday at 8am and I still haven't been contacted by anyone to arrange a techincian as of 1:45pm this afternoon. I realise that system upgrades can be disruptive but over 30hrs and counting to get a phone call is simply unacceptable from a company with the resources available to Telstra.


What is the next step for me to do, I'd rather avoid calling tech support and going through the same old rigmarole only to be promised and callback and let down again. Is there someone I might contact directly that can arrange the technicians visit?

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