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Calls Dropping of Very Poor Quality

I recently transferred to Telstra post-paid and since this time I have had nothing but very poor call quality and/or calls that go quiet or drop out. My most common used words on every call is "I;ll call you back". I initially suspected the phone was faulty but sent it back to the manufacturer and they have cleared it (S9). I have taken the SIM out of the S9 and placed in another phone. Same problem. This is nothing to do with any specific area as it happens everywhere I travel. So i read somewhere that I should change the SIM - done that. No change. I also read that Telstra may have to refresh software settings in their system. I need to know how this can be done as I am about to disconnect and go back to my original supplier where i didnt have these issues.

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Re: Calls Dropping of Very Poor Quality

If it is happening in multiple devices and SIM cards it would need to be investigated by faults on 132203. It could be an account issue, or even something like an issue with the forwarding for your number by your previous provider having issues. They would be able to go over the investigation to look into it for you. Just let them know upfront what you have tired already. 

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