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Castle Hill NSW 2154 NO CALLs - Ridgecrop Dr - Coverage

Hi There,


Since Thursday 8th Oct - My neighbours and my family can't use our phones from Home to make and/or receive Calls


We can SMS and we all see the signal bar moving ok; except for the constant change from 3G to 4G and back.


Anyone else affected?  Do you know something? it seems there is a protest in Castle Hill against a new telstra cell tower and this might be part of the issue


Need help please.






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Re: Castle Hill NSW 2154 NO CALLs - Ridgecrop Dr - Coverage

Hey Luis,

That sounds like a painful situation.
I just checked the service status page with your postcode (http://servicestatus.telstra.com/) and there was no listed issues for your postcode regarding to mobile services...

If they were trying to upgrade/replace the tower, that in itself wouldn't normally lead to downtime, especially only on the phone call side of it, if it was solely that it would normally all of their services would be down...

For your own privacy, I have reported your post to get your personal details (such as your mobile number) removed from the post, as this is a public forum and anyone can see the post and those details.

If you have another phone you can use, I would suggest speaking to the Mobile Assurance team on 132200 and say "Mobile Faults" and let them know what is happening and they will be able to investigate for you, if you don't have another phone you can use, I would suggest trying to have a chat with LiveChat here: https://livechat.telstra.com and see if they can help you out with it.
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