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Changed my network switch and now i am getting drop off. (packet loss)

I recently upgraded my network switch from 100 switch to a 1000Mbps switch (TP-Link TL-SG1024 V14). 


I was getting 90 down before and now im getting 270 down (i am on superfast speed). (the reason i upgraded my switch was because i was on super fast but never got that speed, i later found out that my switch only went to 100mbps.)


However, since moving to the new switch, i am getting a lot of packets loss now.


I did a quick test on ping plotter and it says i am getting packet loss at the "mymodem.modem" . I have a super networked home with about 24 to 50 ethernet/wireless connections.


Is the issue with my new network switch? is the Telstra modem dropping packets due to the load? Is this an external issue outside my home network?



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Changed my network switch and now i am getting drop off. (packet loss)

It is not an external issue but an issue on your local network. Either the switch, the modem, the PC used for doing test or one of the LAN cables.

Do you get packet loss when you connect directly to modem's WiFi or a LAN port on the modem?

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