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Complaint responded to via SMS, but asked for it to be via EMAIL...

So, been having issues with data being below 5 mbps in an area where I would normally get 50+ mbps. Reached out to Mobile Assurance for help, they said the speed is "within acceptable range" and gave me the brush off.

I went to T.com and submitted a complain and asked to be contacted 'via email', but all correspondence has been 'via SMS' instead.

I keep being sent an SMS saying "How would you rate your connection with our agent?" and that's it? No options to choose, no survey to complete, nothing.

If a complaint has been lodged asking for communications to be 'via email', why are they being done 'via sms' & when i've not had any contact from the assigned case manager, why am i being sent a survey?


Anybody else having this same issue? I just can't get anybody to communication with me 'via Email'.

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