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I have recently moved into my own house approximately 25km from the Brisbane CBD and, although Telstra's coverage map shows coverage, I have very poor coverage for both 3G and 4G. It seems if I was two houses up the street, I'd be fine ...

After a great deal of testing, I'm informed that I have to pay for an external antenna and a Smart Antenna.

How is is that I can pay a monthly fee while Telstra is not required to provide a minimum degree of service and that I'm expected to pay more than $700 to achieve the same service as someone who gets good coverage? Who plans the cell location and coverage?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Coverage

Hi CamT,


That isn't good to hear. If the resolution provided to you was a rooftop antenna with the smart antenna then that is what will be required for your location to receive good service. A lot of planning goes into tower location and coverage. It's probably the geographical location that you're in which is causing the problem which is why this solution was provided.


I understand that this isn't the answer you're looking for and I suggest lodging a complaint with us if you aren't happy with the outcome of your investigation.


-Matt W

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Re: Coverage

It seems that Telstra can do whatever it likes.


It is a disgrace in this day of modern communication that Telstra cannot even provide a good service within 50 klms of a capital city. Not only that, their customer assistance is unbelievable - people in another country offering advice on a service here. They make promises that are broken almost before you hang up the telephone and there is never a solution.


Telstra take our money for a service that they do not provide and what's more they could not care less.

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Re: Coverage

I am having coverage issues at home as well, I am in the shadow of a tower and Telstra confirms there is nothing they can do tilting the antenna on the tower would fix my problem, but I understand affect others further away. They are prepared to sell me a smart antenna for $730.00 to improve my signal as well. Their other solution was recommend I change to another company with better signal and they will refund any unused credit or fees. I can't believe they expect me to fund their solution for their network failings. Does anybody know of a cheaper signal booster out there? The so called complaints department - offshore I think from the sound of the very broken English accent. Seemd like he was reading from a script repeating the cost structure of the smart antenna several times, finally offering me a $150 discount. If Telstra was smart they would offer these for free or a nominal charge around $50.00.

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