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DNS Borked

Telstra's DNS servers handed out to mobile devices appear to be broken for the bitchute.com domain. What's going on? Setting DNS manually to a non-Telstra server fixes the problem so the issue is mobile-device only.


The cynical part of me suspects censorship or the wish to push traffic to YouTube, since I can't find any legal reason why they would cripple their network. If there is a good reason, I expect some communication - redirection to a web page which explains what is going on. I do not expect my network provider to take it upon themselves to decide what I may and may not access on the internet. I don't recall "We will randomly restrict your service based on politics and PR" being in the Terms of Service.


I really don't see why I should have to get a VPN to ensure basic internet services.  I have no real desire to switch network providers, but Telstra is pushing me in both those directions.  I doubt I'm the only one.  Please listen to the customers who are actually giving you money for a service they expect to be delivered, not to journalists and social-media trolls who wish to see their politics enforced across the globe.


In case you're wondering, I have no interest in the NZ shooting video, but I will not support those who appoint themselves guardians of good taste, protector of my on-line feelings and editors of my internet.  You are unwanted.


Please fix the DNS servers and don't do it again.

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